BIG Church

7/7 - 8/18, 2012

2000 years ago, a gathering of people in a middle-eastern city began a movement that would circle the globe. This movement would eventually become known as The Church. The church is a movement. And it’s still moving.

One, Not Everyone

1/8, 2012

You may have grown up hearing this from your teachers, parents, or coaches. They tried to be fair. So, the question is - is it more important to be fair or to do good? In this message, Les Tilka explains why you should do for “One, Not Everyone.”


1/15-29, 2012

In this three-part series, Andy Stanley says that God has, in fact, sent you a message--it’s called the Bible. The message is waiting. Have you read it?

The New Rules

for Love, Sex & Dating

2/5 - 2/26, 2012

In this four-part series, Les Tilka explores the challenges, assumptions and land mines associated with dating in the 21st Century. Best of all, he offers the most practical and uncensored advice you will ever hear on this topic.


3/4 - 3/25, 2012

You were designed for more than just sitting in rows and taking in all that a Sunday has to offer. If you really want to plug in, there are really only 4 ways you can do to partner with Quest.

Radical Love

4/1, 2012

The message of Jesus was fueled by a radical new ethic of love.  In the first century the crucifixion represented the oppression and cruelty of Rome.  But why is it that one crucifixion in particular changed everything.


4/8, 2012

The entire truth that Jesus was God’s son hinges on this historic event and the accounts of the hundreds of people who saw a resurrected Christ.


4/15 - 4/22, 2012

All of us have had moments when we wish we could reach out and retrieve the words that just left our tongue. Over and over again we are reminded of their power and how one of the one of the most important skills we can learn is to learn how to

constantly monitor them.

Judgment Call

4/29 - 5/20, 2012

In this four-part series, Andy Stanley tackles this confusing and often misunderstood topic. We learn the steps to take before confronting others and how to react when someone judges us.


5/27 - 6/3, 2012

All of us have wishes. Some big and some small. But have we ever wondered what God wishes for us? In this two part series we will discover two of God’s wishes for you and me.

Enemies of the


6/24 - 7/22, 2012

Les Tilka offers fresh biblical direction to help you overcome the destructive emotions that can control your heart.

The Thin Line

6/10 - 6/17, 2012

It's a war. A quiet, raging war. And like any conflict, one side battles the other for dominance, victory, and gain. But this war is different.


7/29 - 9/2, 2012

Can you be unbalanced financially and still be a devoted follower of Christ?

What does it even mean to be financially balanced?

Shocking Statements of Jesus

9/9 - 9/30, 2012

A lot of the things that Jesus said were shocking-- and at times extreme. Things like, “Love your enemies,” “Pay your taxes,” and “Eat my body.”...

When God

10/7 - 10/21, 2012

We all face times when it feels like God is far away. Preachers tell us to have more

faith. But what does the Bible say?

Amazing Stories

10/28 - 11/11, 2012

Stories passed down from generation to generation . . .

legends of battles and floods, kings and giants . . . tales as old as time, but with truth that is timeless.

Great Expectations

11/18, 2012

People have expectations of us and even we have expectations of other people. Even God has expectations of us, but what if His expectations of us, is something that He believes in us.

An Unexpected Christmas

11/25-12/23, 2012

Shake any family tree and you never know what kind of people might fall out. Let's face it; we all have an uncle or a cousin we whisper about behind closed doors.

The 6:8 Resolution

01/06, 2013

Each year we have a new year’s resolution, but yet we always fail them. Why not try the 6:8 resolution.

The Immeasurable Life

01/13 - 11/27, 2013

In this message, Les Tilka explains to us how God wants us to have immeasurably more in our life.


02/03 - 02/16, 2013

Standing at the altar, we all had a picture of what our marriage would look like. The problem is this picture of marriage results in expectations that we unload on our spouse.

Going Public

02/24, 2013

Originally, "baptism" was not a religious concept. Yet over time, baptism has become an exclusively religious idea—one that even rouses deep emotion and controversy.

Simply Irresistible

03/03, 2013

This four-part series message focuses on the core values that guide Quest in pursuing its mission that is "to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ".

Easter ’13

04/31, 2013

If there had been an Oscar for best supporting role in the Easter story, it would have gone to Nick and Joe-- otherwise known as Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea.  Their actions allowed generations of Christians to be confident in Christ's resurrection.

Age Of Kings

5/19-26 - 6/2-9, 2013

With great power comes great responsibility--and the freedom to neglect it.  This 4-part summer series illustrates the use of power by several kings of Israel.  Some of these kings were wise.  Some were reckless.  All were powerful.


6/16-23, 2013

To some extent, all of us spend our lives trying to project an image that is contrary to who we really are on the inside.  We hide behind illusions of what we want people to see about us.

Solomon Says

4/28 - 5/5-12, 2013


Do you ever wonder how to make the best decision?  We have so much information available to us, but would you consider yourself to be a wise person?


Comparison Trap

4/7-21, 2013

There’s NO win in COMPARISON. Let’s face it. Not a day goes by that you’re not tempted to glance to the left and to the right to see how you measure up to the people around you.

Climate Change

6/30 - 7/7-21, 2013

Every relationship has a climate—sunny, stormy, or even rainy. And the current climate dictates the forecast. The problem is that many of us are unaware of the emotional climates we carry around with us.


7/28 - 9/15, 2013

"Christian" is a brand that can be good, bad, attractive, or repelling. It's a loaded label no matter whom you ask. But where did the word come from? And did it come with instructions?


9/22 - 29, 2013

Everybody hurts...
We can't go through life without someone stomping on our hearts.
Someone has to pay...
The desire to right the wrong can lead you down a dark, dangerous path. Will you take it?

Making Sense Out of Suffering

10/6, 2013

John Ricards talks about his experiences with pain and suffering and how he discovered something that will make sense of suffering.