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Sunday Schedule

10:45 am
Adult Service and Children's environments

2:30 pm
Inside Out for High School Students

What is Fusion?
Fusion is an environment where single adults come to build authentic friendships and get connected.

During a Fusion night, connection is the focus.
The first 30 minutes revolve around connection, including food, conversation, etc. The next portion of the night involves more structured interaction. Each nights programming is different, with possible use of a DVD clip, a trivia game, a service opportunity, etc. We also have the gathering break into smaller groups of six to eight people to have more conversation around the topic at hand guided by discussion questions that are provided for them. This creates the feel of a small group and, hopefully, encourages people to have deeper conversations and create greater connections.

Where do Fusion Gatherings meet?
Each Fusion Gathering meets in a host home for the Fusion night. We have found that the most comfortable place for singles to meet, connect and have conversations is in a laid-back home environment. The Fusion Gatherings last around two hours and are led by a trained volunteer Fusion Leadership Team.

How does Fusion work?
Fusion Gatherings meet every 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Many of the gatherings also plan optional social events throughout the year. The gatherings meet on a Friday night for about two hours and are led by a team of volunteer Fusion leaders.
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